"Normality is a paved road. It is comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it."

- Vincent Van Gogh -
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Anonymous wrote: "That 4th gif you have here at the top, where is that from? Or can you link a bigger version of it? Please?"

Yes, it was at a convention in Spain. Here’s the video (at around 0:30). And here’s the gif I made of it:

Anonymous wrote: "What is the meaning behind West's name ? I know why they picked Anaximander but why "West" ?"

We don’t know. Misha dodged the question when Larry King asked him. He said he didn’t know but I feel like he just didn’t want to answer.

Anonymous wrote: "what is misha collins favorite color"

I remember him saying it’s orange but I can’t find the video or interview anymore. 

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Anonymous wrote: "Hello, I was wondering if you might know if Misha is going to be at Asylum 13? Because it's not confirmed and I heard somebody say he is...Just thought you might know. Sorry if I've bothered you."

Hello! I honestly have no idea, but Misha usually goes to most Asylum conventions. That said, if you’re buying a ticket just to meet him, I’d tell you to wait until there’s an official announcement. I wouldn’t trust what another fan is saying. 

wallcatjm wrote: "What's your favorite Meanwhile Misha???"

This is a very tricky question. I have so many. If you’re talking about a picture only, these 2 are my favorites :

(original post)

(original post)

There’s also this post, which is my favorite tweet from Misha.

And if we’re talking gifsets, this is my all time favorite. Then I also have to share this one and this one because I really love them as well.


girlwhosdreamingofclouds wrote: "psssst i miss seeing you on my dash o.o"

I know I haven’t been on recently, I’m just not really in the mood and real life’s been getting in the way : / But thank you so much for noticing! xx

Anonymous wrote: "Will you ever come to Dubai? Please say yes!"

I would love to visit Dubai. However, (sadly) I am not Misha Collins. Misha doesn’t run this blog (or any other tumblr blog), and he is not affiliated with this blog.

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Anonymous wrote: "Hi! I wonder where the "meanwhile misha" meme comes from? Is that from the post link you gave in your DISCLAIMER?"

Yeah I saw that post on my dash and loved the idea. I did a few memes on my own blog and a lot of people liked them and suggested I should make a blog for them. So I did :)

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keepcalmbutpanicatthedisco wrote: "do you know what misha collins' tumblr is?"

Misha doesn’t have a tumblr. A lot of fans spread rumors about this because sometimes he tweets about things coming from tumblr, but I’m 100% he doesn’t have a blog. I think a member of his family sends him links to tumblr posts (ex: the mishapocalype, the picture of Castiel on a cheeseburger etc…), which keep him updated on some of tumblr’s trends but I don’t think Misha has the time to create a blog and spend time on tumblr, going through his own tag.

xiaoyanieh2m wrote: "Do u know how Misha met Vicki?"

Yeah, Misha met Vicki in English class in High School. He actually talked about it at a convention I attended. Someone was kind enough to record it, so you can watch the video here.