"Normality is a paved road. It is comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it."

- Vincent Van Gogh -
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Anonymous wrote: "Did that horse pic get takin off twitter? I can't find it"

Are you talking about this:

If yes, then here's the full tweet.


Anonymous wrote: "so, I love Misha and his craziness. My mom doesn't believe me what he's not like other celebrities, and I want to prove it to her. Would sending her to this blog be a good idea? Or are there things here that might probably make her be anti-Misha (ie- naked shots or anything from Karla)? PS- Love what I've seen of your blog so far! ^-^"

I don’t think this blog has anything that’s anti-Misha so I think it’s safe to send her here. Or to this page more specifically!

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Anonymous wrote: "How can I view the gishwhes item list for this year ?"

It’s not out yet. It will be on the gishwhes website when the hunt starts.

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Anonymous wrote: "Is there an age limit for GISHWHES? I am 17 and wondering if you have to be 18"

You can participate. Although you have to check if you’re eligible for the winning price in case you win. Read about it here.

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geekdomiswisdom wrote: "Is GISHWHES happening this year?! I've heard such outstanding things about it, but being new to the Misha fandom, didn't get the chance to participate last year."

Yes it is back this year. Registration actually opened today! You can either form a team and ask people to join you, or join on your own and you will placed in a team randomly! You still have 3 weeks to register so you have enough time to form or find a team. Register here !

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Anonymous wrote: "what is wait for it... part of your blog or is not working or is something we need to wait for it...? Can you tell me what of the above is? Thanks!"

Well..It was supposed to be a fun video but I’ve been told several times that it’s not loading nor playing. It’s weird because it’s working for me on my computer but it’s not working for many other people. I don’t know how to make it work for everybody so I guess I’m gonna have to delete the link. Thank you for telling me! 

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Anonymous wrote: "Just wanted to say thank you cuz your blog just made my day Misha Collins is an amazing person and I think he'll be very proud to have you as his fans Please keep being awesome dear"

This message makes me so happyyyyy 

Thank you! 

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Anonymous wrote: "What record did you beat or did?"

I’m not sure I understand your question. If this is directed at Misha, once again, I am not Misha Collins. To answer your question, Gishwhes participants broke/won the following records:

  • Largest Online Photo Album of “Hugs”
  • Longest Chain of Safety Pins (2013)
  • Largest Media Scavenger Hunt (2012)
  • Most Pledges for a Campaign (2012)

Misha didn’t really participate though, he judged and organized it (with other amazing people). He usually prefers watching us do the crazy stuff while he laughs.

Anonymous wrote: "Your blog is really good, but your down to earth approach to fandom and how nice a person you seem makes it great!"

Thank you so much for this beautiful message!

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