"Normality is a paved road. It is comfortable to walk but no flowers grow on it."

- Vincent Van Gogh -
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Anonymous wrote: "Just watched "Fast and Fresh with West" Your children are blessed with you and Vickie as parents!!!"

I am sure Vicki and Misha would love this message! Once again, I am not Misha Collins. I share your opinion anon.

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Anonymous wrote: "Do you know what mishas favorite candy is?"

I had the chance to chat with a friend of his, at a convention, and got to know of a candy he likes, but I don’t want to betray their trust and give it out. That does sound stupid and really pretentious, it’s just a candy after all, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’m just doing this out of respect to the person who chatted with me. I don’t really want to seem like the type of fan that goes around and tells everything (although I wish I could!!!). I’m sorry !!

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Anonymous wrote: "I don't know, but I have wondered if West's name is to do with the white tiger vision Vicki had; in Chinese astronomy the white tiger represents the west and autumn (when he was born)."

This could also be true!

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Anonymous wrote: "what's the meaning of "death to normalcy"? Does that mean you should accept that you will die and shouldn't be afraid of it because it is normal?"

No it doesn’t mean that. It’s a statement against normalcy/ordinariness, against everything that is common, what is considered the ‘norm’, which most of time is boring. It doesn’t have to do with death itself. In the sentence, “death to normalcy” ‘death’ could be replaced by “abolish” or “end” making it: “Abolish normalcy” or “End normalcy”

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Anonymous wrote: "What is the story behind West's name? I want to know and since I'm new to Misha, I missed when he was born and i can't find the meaning online. wanna help me? :)"

As far as I know there is no story behind West’s name that we know of. I could be wrong, but I think his second name: Anaximander refers to the Greek philosopher. As of ‘West’, Misha was asked about it during an interview with Larry King and he simply said he didn’t know. I think he said that because he just didn’t want to answer the question. An anon once told me they believed they named their son West because they had recently moved to the West coast. But I really don’t know, it could be but it also could be something else entirely. I don’t recall Misha commenting on this. But if someone knows, do share!

Anonymous wrote: "Did that horse pic get takin off twitter? I can't find it"

Are you talking about this:

If yes, then here's the full tweet.

Anonymous wrote: "so, I love Misha and his craziness. My mom doesn't believe me what he's not like other celebrities, and I want to prove it to her. Would sending her to this blog be a good idea? Or are there things here that might probably make her be anti-Misha (ie- naked shots or anything from Karla)? PS- Love what I've seen of your blog so far! ^-^"

I don’t think this blog has anything that’s anti-Misha so I think it’s safe to send her here. Or to this page more specifically!

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Anonymous wrote: "How can I view the gishwhes item list for this year ?"

It’s not out yet. It will be on the gishwhes website when the hunt starts.

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Anonymous wrote: "Is there an age limit for GISHWHES? I am 17 and wondering if you have to be 18"

You can participate. Although you have to check if you’re eligible for the winning price in case you win. Read about it here.

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geekdomiswisdom wrote: "Is GISHWHES happening this year?! I've heard such outstanding things about it, but being new to the Misha fandom, didn't get the chance to participate last year."

Yes it is back this year. Registration actually opened today! You can either form a team and ask people to join you, or join on your own and you will placed in a team randomly! You still have 3 weeks to register so you have enough time to form or find a team. Register here !

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